About Us

Our team is dedicated to restoration and preservation of historic sites, unique experiences, and providing stellar service for events.

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Who We Are

Bristol Venues started life in 2015, and today has a growing portfolio of venues and attractions in Bristol and the surrounding area.

Our first restoration project was Clifton Observatory, located in an iconic spot over Avon Gorge. In the years since, the observatory has become a popular venue for a range of events, from weddings to product launches. 

We recently renovated the atmospheric Wellhead cocktail bar, a fantastic and rewarding venture. Our upcoming projects include the fascinating and iconic Clifton Rocks Railway and our newest project in the heart of Bristol, Armada House. Formerly the Bristol Waterworks building, Armada House is five storeys of Bristol history that we aim to restore to its former glory.


What We Do

Attractions like museums, cafes, bars, and event spaces are always the heart of a community: a place where people go to learn, educate, enjoy and connect with others. Bristol Venues aims to be a part of that community. Our dedicated team works with a range of local contractors, caterers, and suppliers to revive historic locations in and around Bristol.

Bristol Venues is passionate about restoring buildings in need of a little love. We take great pride in showcasing the history of all our locations: retaining original architectural features whilst adding a flair of our own in order to create unique, distinctive, and showstopping venues.

We are excited to share our venues with the public. Our core aim is to combine our unique venues with excellent service from our team to create unforgettable events all across Bristol.

Why Bristol Venues?

Our dedicated team will work with you to ensure your event is exactly what you want – be it a wedding, party, corporate event, or product launch. We work with select local caterers, suppliers, and staff to bring you the best in terms of food, entertainment, and service.